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The benefits of In-Home Lessons

  Music schools are extending their list of lesson services to include In-Home lessons.  Why?  

  For very young music students, travelling to a studio or music school for a  lesson can be a little bit scary. The anxiety of learning a new skill in unfamiliar surroundings can be uncomfortable.  It is for these reasons, the best music schools in Canada are beginning to recognize the trend towards in-home music lessons. In-Home Music Lessons; In-home piano lessons;

  Add competition with other students and you may, sooner or later, have a child who doesn’t want to take music lessons anymore.   The problems for adults and teens who travel to music studio lessons are time and cost. 

  Scheduling 30 minutes to an hour for a lesson during the day can be a challenge for these two busy groups. Adding another hour of travelling time doesn’t help the situation. The cost of getting to the lesson, whether by car or transit, can make the total cost of the lesson a burden.   

  Doesn’t having your lesson on the instrument you use for practicing make sense? Familiarity with the instrument makes playing easier and more relaxed.  Plus! Your teacher has access to the instrument, such as the piano keys (for placing stickers and aids) , the wall (for important diagrams and aids) and can also help you with optimizing the practice environment and set-up. 

  There are many advantages to music lessons taught at your home by a trained instructor, no matter what the age of the student.    Children are more relaxed in familiar surroundings. The presence of a parent or two in the house can encourage a young  student to play their best to please Mom and Dad and earn their praise.

   A child’s goal to learn a song can be supported by having the ones they want to impress listening nearby. Also, you- the parent- can better judge the quality of instruction by being able to listen on piano lessons, which unlike many schools – A to G encourages!!  A to G is your neighbourhood music school.  Experience a lesson for yourself and see if in-home music lessons are for you! 

A to G proudly offers:

in home piano lessons in Hamilton

in home piano lessons in Oakville

in home piano lessons in Burlington

in home music lessons in Hamilton

in home music lessons in Oakville

in home music lessons in Burlington

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