7 Priceless Tips for Piano Students

Use these 7 Tips to become all you can be on the piano faster and more efficiently

Tips for Students

Tips for Piano Students

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Tip #1 "The Equation"

The Equation

Tip #2 Self-Management


Tip #3 How to Identify Piano Keys

How to Identify Piano Keys

Tip #4 Use the Language

Use the Language

Tip #5 Vocalize


Tip #6 Use your sense of touch

Use your sense of touch

#7 Strive for Full Awareness

Be aware of the letter of every key you press.


Be aware of the finger number used for every key you strike and where your hands are on the piano.


Be aware of the count you are on for every note played.


Be aware of the intensity or volume of every note you play.


Be aware of the way that the notes are intended to be accentuated and the emotion.


Be aware that you are amazing.

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