A to G's Overarching Framework: A Macro Perspective of Music Theory

In order for someone to best play and experience music- they need a way to categorize music, including musical symbols and concepts.  

Unfortunately, since music is such a huge topic, too many categories and subcategories can be confusing.  

Worry no more, A to G has come up with the most relatable way to start sorting through this array of information!  

Here  at A to G, we  learn how to categorize music into 5 of the most relatable categories imaginable:

  1. What
  2. Where
  3. When
  4. How
  5. Why

Using categories helps students accumulate knowledge and differentiate important concepts.  A to G has all of the best music theory worksheets to allow pupils to learn the theory in a fun and effective manner.

Please see the chart below for examples and a little more detail!

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A to G's "What Where When How" twist on music bingo Game

Music bingo but smarter

This game utilizes A to G's intelligent overarching "What Where When How" framework which categorizes music in an extremely relatable way.  

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Play just like normal bingo, however place the call cards in a hat or a bowl.

Tip: Use coins, buttons or candy for bingo chips.