All of music in 5 questions

The Big Picture by A to G

All of music into 5 questions

Since music is such a huge topic, managing learned information can be difficult and consequentially inefficient; too many categories and subcategories can be confusing- for early beginners especially.  

Worry no more, A to G has come up with the most relatable way to start sorting through this array of information!  

Here  at A to G, we  learn how to categorize music into 5 of the most relatable categories imaginable:

  1. What
  2. Where
  3. When
  4. How
  5. Why

Using categories helps students accumulate knowledge and differentiate important concepts.  

by the way

If you were to pick one category to be the most important, inclusive, and "relatable" which would it be?

We would say "WHEN".

Time and Music are tremendously interconnected.

The speed of the frequencies in sounds (pitches) is what gives the sounds their remarkable tones.