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Terms & Conditions (A to G Mobile Music School)

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The “A to G Mobile Music may be abbreviated or shown as “A to G, A to G Piano, A to G Music, A to G Piano Lessons, A to G Premium Music, etc.” . 

 Lessons are in-home appointments with a primary focus on music instruction, mainly piano instruction.

Instructors are the service providers of the lessons.

Lesson location is the location where the lessons are appointed to.

Lesson environment is the environment from point of entry to the area where the lessons are held (where the instructors travel).

Commitment is pre-ordering, ordering or showing intent to order lessons from A to G with no obligation to continue to purchase and the ability to cancel future orders and/or  future lessons.


  The year is organized into: 

- A Quarter (January, February, and March)  

- B Quarter (April, May and June)  

- C Quarter (July, August, September)  

- D Quarter (October, November, December)  

Electronic Communication
When you visit www.atog.ca or send e-mail to A to G, you are communicating with us
electronically. You consent to receive communication from us electronically and agree to our privacy policy. You agree that all information, agreements, notices, conditions, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing.


All content included on this site and all material provided by A to G, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, and digital downloads is the property of A to G. The compilation of all content on this site is property of A to G with copyright authorship for this collection by A to G Mobile Music, and protected by international copyright laws.  All rights reserved.

A to G’s trademarks and trade dress may not be used in connections with any product or service
that is not A to G’s, in any manner.


Somebody over the age of 18 must be present during all A to G Mobile Music appointments, not including A to G Mobile Music providers.  Customers must adhere to this strict rule at all times.  No exceptions.

Privacy Policy & Schedulicity

By agreeing to A to G Mobile Music policy, you also agree to terms and policy for Schedulicity's privacy policy:   https://essentials.schedulicity.com/privacy-policy/ 

and agree for A to G Mobile Music to share your address, email, phone number and other personal information with Schedulicity's scheduling platform according to Schedulicity's privacy policy and in accordance with International Law.

Upon booking any appointments with A to G, you grant A to G permission to upload (share) any information that you provide to us including and not limited to names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and appointment information to Schedulicity's website.

A to G has carefully read over Schedulicity's privacy policy and is confident in the security of their applications and servers.

Student First Names

First Names of all A to G students may be posted automatically into A to G's website and more specifically A to G's Hall of Fame web page(s):


Customer Payments

Payments may be made by interac email money transfer or on our online store with debit card, credit card or paypal.  Cash and cheque payments are also available upon arrangement with the A to G office.

All payments are to be made in Canadian Dollars.

Payments are most often requested quarterly (or half year or full year) and may be made in a full one time payment or by payment arrangement approved by the A to G Office.
Lesson Payments are requested  to be made quarterly, one month prior to the first month of the upcoming quarter.

Lesson Payments

Customers should never be asked to make direct payment or payments for any lesson purchases by instructors unless made to A to G Mobile Music through the above mentioned payment options. 

If you have any questions about lesson payments, please let us know: info@atog.ca

Materials & Book Payments

 Instructors likely will ask for payments for materials such as music books. A to G customers are under no obligation to purchase any materials from anyone, including instructors.  

If you have any questions about the sale of materials or music books, please let us know: info@atog.ca

NO cancellation fees!

Customers may cancel future service at anytime and request refund for future services not yet provided.

NO registration fees!

A to G does not have any registration fees.

Refunds on services already provided or past

No refunds on services already rendered or scheduled and past; their is no guarantee of refund on already provided services or already past scheduled appointments (lessons); Absolute maximum number of served/past lessons refunded is 2 (unless circumstances are deemed to be extreme in the opinion of the  A to G office).  This is why it is important to let the A to G office know if you are ever not satisfied timely.

Missed Lessons

A to G does not have any obligation to provide automatic credit or reimburesement for lessons missed by the customer regardless of circumstance.  

A to G does not have any obligation to provide automatic credit or reimburesement for lessons missed by the instructor or service provider acting on behalf of A to G unless A to G is made aware of the missed lesson within 7 days of it passing through A to G's primary methods of  contact available at www.atog.ca/contact or A to G's scheduling platform

Customers must notify the A to G office of any missed lessons of any nature in order to potentially receive credit for those appointments 

(we chose this option over customers signing every appointment).


 Customers are required to provide notice directly to the A to G office (not your instructor!) within 7 days of any missed lesson, including lessons missed by both the customer (student or guardian, payer) and/or the instructor (service provider); including both missed and cancelled lessons; missed and/or cancelled by both the customers and/or instructor(s).

Missed Lessons with Weekly Billing
Refunds should be applied within 14 days of lessons missed that are missed or canceled by A to G Mobile Music & it's providers.

Lessons missed or canceled by customers are conditional credits that expire in 14 days from the missed lesson appointment.
Customers are asked to request refunds for conditional credits within 14 days of the missed appointment in order to be potentially eligible for refund, by contacting the A to G office by email at info@atog.ca and providing specific dates and reasoning. Conditional credits are guaranteed eligible for refund if 48 hours notice of the cancellation is provided and refund is requested within 14 days of the missed lesson appointment. A to G will make a final decision if the appointment is creditable based on all circumstances, including timing and reasoning provided.

Once approved,
refunds will take (5-10 business days) to process.



Canceling a lesson is canceling the appointment and may be done by the customer; or by A to G; or by A to G instructors (through the A to G office). 

Canceling a lesson may be done by emailing, calling, or texting the A to G office using A to G's primary contact methods(www.atog.ca/contact)  or on A to G's schedulicity platform through their "My Appointments" page.

Cancelling a lesson does not mean automatic credit and a request for credit is not assumed when customers cancel unless credit is requested specifically by the customer before the date of the appointment passes.

Lesson Credits & Conditional Lesson Credits

A "lesson credit" is a credit for the cost of the lesson.

A "conditional lesson credit" is a credit for the cost of a lesson or a portion of the cost of a lesson that is conditional or has certain conditions that must be met in order to be creditable.  

Conditional lesson credits expire in 14 days if not redeemed by the customer through the A to G office by means made readily available, including and not limited to wwww.atog.ca/contact; customers must notify the A to G office of both the lesson being missed or cancelled and of their request for credit for the missed or cancelled lesson in order to be reviewed and applicable for consideration of credit or refund by the A to G office (0-7 day process).


Customers may request a teacher change anytime or cancel all lessons and receive reimbursement for future lessons (lessons not yet served).

No refunds on payments made to A to G for lessons that have already been served (excluding first appointments).

No refunds on any payments made to A to G for books or materials.

No refunds on any payments made to A to G for recital admission.

Lesson Environment & Access To Lesson
The lesson environment must be deemed safe, secure and suitable by the teacher for the lesson to take place.
If lesson environment is not deemed suitable by the teacher, the lesson will be cancelled.

 The lesson environment ideally should contain a table, piano or keyboard, a bench, lamp, a wall for A to G wall postings, and a chair for the teacher.

The lesson environment cannot contain anything creating loud noises or distractions.

The lesson environment must not be too hot or cold, room temperature please.

The driveway of the lesson location must be safe and accessible. Please no ice, no obstacles, no big dogs, etc. 

 The area the instructor travels must be deemed safe by the instructor for the lesson to be held.

All animals, especially large and exotic animals, are to be caged and/or kept away from the teacher and learning environment unless with given permission from the teacher.
If all animals are not kept away from the teacher, teacher may cancel the

Photographs and Privacy
A to G may use photography for promotional purposes.
Consent of the use of photography by A to G for promotional purposes is assumed by the customers of A to G and the students or their guardians as photography is common at piano recitals, and musical gatherings, etc.
If there are images posted by A to G of anyone whom wishes to not be displayed in such fashion or whom the legal guardian of anyone posted by A to G wishes not to be displayed in such fashion, he or she may request to have any images taken down and removed and A to G will remove the images in a timely manner.  

Free Lessons
No guarantees on free lessons.
No Time guarantee on free lessons. 

No lesson duration guarantee on free lessons.
A to G has the right to deny any student and also the right to deny any request for a free lesson.
The Free Lesson promotional offer may expire at any time. 

Students or guardians of students may request a teacher change for lessons at anytime.  

Teacher changes may take up to two weeks.
A teacher change may not be available.

Injury/ Responsibility

Please be safe and responsible.  Accidents can happen, please make sure everyone puts safety as the top priority!

A to G is not responsible for any damages, including and not limited to injury, harm and even death, done to anyone, including A to G customers and instructors that is directly or indirectly caused by the actions, behaviour, and/or attitudes of A to G instructors and/or or A to G customers and/or students or A to G lessons in general.

A to G is not responsible for the safety of any instructors travelling to or from any A to G lesson appointments, meetings or events;  A to G is not responsible for any damages, including and not limited to injury, harm and even death, done to any paid instructors that is directly or indirectly caused by their duties or responsibilities with A to G or by the actions, behaviour, or attitudes of other instructors, A to G staff members or A to G customers.

 Applicable Law By affiliating with A to G, you agree that the laws of the province of Ontario, Canada, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and A to G Mobile Music or its associates.  

Questions regarding our Conditions of Usage, Privacy Policy, or other policy related material can be directed to A to G at info@atog.ca