•  Travel (15 minute guarantee): Have a piano teacher travel to your home's front door,
    saving you time and travel costs!
  • A to G's piano teachers are trained to use colour and make learning sky rocket!
    We all know our colours! (optional)
  • Weekly homework assigned (song-playing, theory, technique, song-writing)
  • Array of supplementary materials provided with the teacher
    (teaching aids, flash cards, music games, song-writing activities, technique drills,
    musical charts, etc.)
  • Preparation for Royal Conservatory exams (optional)
  • Access to Bi-Annual recitals featuring student performances and memories for all!

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Piano Lessons at Home in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.

We Come to You

Priority Scheduling

Priority Scheduling

 Your teacher will come to your home or office at the scheduled day and time.  All this, with a 15 minute guarantee of teacher arrival! Wow!  Book your in-home lesson today. 

Priority Scheduling

Priority Scheduling

Priority Scheduling

Change the day and time of your lessons at an instant.
New activity?  New house?  New anything?  Nothing new for us- no problem!

No notice required. 

May result in teacher change.


Priceless Crutches

Priority Scheduling

Priceless Crutches

 We can't say too much but you can certainly ask what products we would recommend for you or your child(ren).  Extra cost for some products and product options. 

A to G Products

Referral Credit Rewards

Priceless Crutches

There's no limit to what we can create. Similarly, there's no limit to what we can give.
Ask us what new books or products we have up our sleeves!   

  • Ask us about our sticker and cling vinyl piano rolls.
  • Ask us about our "Coloured Picture Scales"
  • Ask us about our various wall posts available free of charge.

Referral Credit Rewards

Referral Credit Rewards

Referral Credit Rewards

 Be rewarded for that busy social life- you must have worked hard for it.  

Give a Gift, Get a Gift (piano lesson promo)

 Give the gift of a free piano lesson, receive a free piano lesson credit. 

30 minute lessons only. Credits are awarded only if the referred customer signs up for 10 or more piano lessons.

Service Options

Certain regions may have a waiting list for some dates, instruments, and lesson providers

Lesson Length Options

  • 30 minutes      (most popular)
  • 45 minutes      (most popular)
  • 60 minutes      (best value)
  • 90 & 120 minute lessons also available 

Lesson Frequency Options

  •  3 times per week      (best value)
  • weekly         (most popular)
  • biweekly
  • monthly

Commitment Level Options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly      (most popular)
  • Half Year       (most popular)
  • Annual          (best value)

What's the best next step? 

Apply for a trial lesson for the instrument(s) you were interested in learning.


Request a quote.   

Lesson Length Options



Scheduling with A to G (pdf)


Curriculum Details (pdf)


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The power of colour

Find out how we use colour to accelerate learning music.

WANT to stock up on materials for your pian0 lessons?


Get the big picture with a to g

One of the challenges with learning music (for students) is categorizing the information (notes, fingers, keys, other music symbols).  A to G targets this challenge with its extremely relatable "WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW" framework.

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