A to G Music Teachers

   A to G lesson providers and instructors are: creative, out-going, fun, patient, kind, talented, inspiring, friendly, and fantastic role models.   They also come highly prepared and organized so that A to G students can thrive and grow to their greatest potential.

-RCM Level 8 required for intermediate and above (or academic equivalent)

- Musically trained professionals, also trained to utilize coulour to intelligently aid students.

All lesson packages include a guarantee of satisfaction.  You may request a teacher change anytime.  

Help your teachers by having a bounty of useful materials

Our Teachers


We like to call ourselves "the good guys".  


A to G In Home Music Teachers come prepared!

Priceless teaching aids.

Priceless learning aids.

Priceless music activities, charts & games.

Useful and fun organizational materials.


All lessons include a 15 minute guarantee of teacher arrival time.