A to G Mobile Music

IN-Home Music Lessons

A to G Mobile Music is a school serving in-home and videocall music lessons in southeastern Ontario.

The A to G Difference


Mix the prestige of music tradition with a collective tradition of music pedagogy.

Then combine an inspirational & talented team of music instructors, carrying a professional and cutting-edge persona.  Sprinkle on loads of  fun & surprise, and then- voila- you've got A to G!

We don't just teach music, we teach learning music.  We make music simple, known and easy to relate.

Our overarching framework grants our pupils the ability to easily categorize the world of music in a simple and fun way- so powerful that we're all quite shocked that we didn't think of this sooner.

Our Promise to You


We promise Growth, Learning, Fun and Discovery.

 We provide all of our customers with a guarantee of satisfaction, meaning customers can...

  • ...Request a teacher change anytime
  • ...Cancel Anytime
  • ...Change the lesson day anytime
  • ...Change the lesson time anytime

A time change may demand a teacher change and vice versa.  


Susan in Hamilton, ON

"Our son's piano teacher from A to G is remarkable!  She has a great balance of high energy and patience, which my son needs.  The school is very flexible and has always accommodated our busy lives!  We would recommend A to G to anyone being introduced into the world of Music!"

Judy in Burlington, ON

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons with A to G for under a year and she persistently wows me with what she is learning.  Her teacher is extremely motivating and has even allowed her to develop allot more confidence.  Thanks A to G!"

Charmaine in Hamilton, ON

"I am thrilled with being able to request all sorts of music lessons from my home.  It started with a free trial piano lesson and now I am taking piano lessons weekly and guitar and voice lessons rotating every other week.  You just can't get this type of flexibility from other schools in the area and prices are very affordable."