"A to G Piano Teaching comes to our home to give my two children lessons.
A to G offers a free lesson to try, experience the service, and meet a teacher.
Teachers can bring a keyboard if needed (he even lent his to my friend for 3 months
until they got their own). Our teacher is very focused on ensuring that the children
enjoy what they are doing and that they use their passion to play... at the end of
most sessions, he plays background for the kids as they free play... you should
hear the results!"
::: Sylvie (Mother of Student, Burlington) :::

A to G Piano Teaching provided me with fun and exciting classes to learn piano.
It opened my eyes to a world of music and the positive reinforcement inspired me to
want to learn more. I always finished classes feeling I had accomplished something.
I would recommend A to G to anyone, any age wanting to learn piano in a fun and
exciting way.
::: Vickie Marsh (University Student, Guelph) :::

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