"A to G has given me confidence that I had no idea existed in me! Not only can I
play songs that I love, I can even write my own... My teacher introduced me to
scales in a fun and innovative way - "picture scales" Ė pictures of the piano with
dots on them and numbers that tell you how to play scales in a fun and easy way!
The combination of such useful teaching aids like "picture scales" and the
professional, excited and caring attitude of A to G's teachers creates a very
rewarding result, loads of memories and improvements that echo into all aspects
of living."
::: Charmaine (Student, Hamilton) :::

"I am thrilled at how Michael, our teacher, works with my son through positive
reinforcement, using stickers, a progress chart, awards along the way, always
focusing on motivation and affirmation. Our teacher also analyzes scores with my
son before having him play them - an important teaching strategy, breaking the pieces
down into sections so they donít seem so overwhelming. I am also impressed with
our teacherís superb organization. He is forward-thinking, planning ahead as regards
to the work in the lessons as well as administrative tasks. In this way, he ensures
the lessons are more enjoyable and productive."
::: Marcia (Mother of Student, Hamilton) :::

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