• Travel (15 minute guarantee): Have a piano teacher travel to your home's front door,
    saving you time and travel costs!
  • A to G's piano teachers are trained to use colour and make learning sky rocket!
    We all know our colours!
  • Music lessons, Piano lessons at home have never been more effective!
  • Weekly homework assigned (song-playing, theory, technique, song-writing)
  • Array of supplementary materials provided with the teacher
    (teaching aids, flash cards, music games, song-writing activities, technique drills,
    musical charts, etc.)
  • Preparation for Royal Conservatory exams (optional)
  • Access to Bi-Annual recitals featuring student performances and memories for all!

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1. The Music Alphabet is ABCDEFG
2.The white keys of the piano are these letters of The Music Alphabet.
3. The LINES and SPACES of the Grandstaff are these letters of The Music Alphabet.
Yes, that's us: A to G.
Quick recap... The letters of The Music Alphabet are the Keys of the Piano which are the lines and spaces of the Grandstaff.

A to G's Overarching Curriculum:

A to G broke music down into 5 categories

These categories help students start to better organize their understanding of music by providing categories for all music topics.
These categories also allow students to better differentiate between different topics, eliminating
common confusions like VOLUME and SPEED. Faster does not mean harder and louder (for example).
The benefits of this system, simply speaking are it's RELATABILITY (Everyone uses these questions: what, where, when, how, why- over and over again every day.
Secondly, these 5 questions are suitable. Read more and find out how so.

Click each question to learn more!

What? Where? When? How? Why?

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