• Travel (15 minute guarantee): Have a piano teacher travel to your home's front door,
    saving you time and travel costs!
  • A to G's piano teachers are trained to use colour and make learning sky rocket!
    We all know our colours!
  • Music lessons, Piano lessons at home have never been more effective!
  • Weekly homework assigned (song-playing, theory, technique, song-writing)
  • Array of supplementary materials provided with the teacher
    (teaching aids, flash cards, music games, song-writing activities, technique drills,
    musical charts, etc.)
  • Preparation for Royal Conservatory exams (optional)
  • Access to Bi-Annual recitals featuring student performances and memories for all!
  • Oh and Canít forget the toy from the toy chest!!... (optional)
    ...for students who complete their assigned tasks and attentively put forth their
    full effort during the lesson and during the week whilst practicing!

  • A to G's What Where When How Why Curriculum
    More about the A to G curriculum

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